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Welcome Visionaries! 

I’m Chaitali B. Desai, the founder and host of The Beauty Confidential Lounge.

A Luxury Business Mentor and Soul Activator, I help high achieving entrepreneurs claim their power for greater impact.

I share Energetic Success Principles for Business, Life and Career for the visionary who desires sacred alignment.

By drawing from my experiences in Molecular Genetics & Medical Technology, Human Design, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP, Neuro-Change (brain science) and many additional transformative modalities.

I use a holistic 3 prong technique working at the mind, body, and soul level to move you past your fears and into your power.

Remember it's time to rise, let's go!

More About Me

The Beauty Confidential Lounge Podcast

Join me weekly for real talk and practical ways to create transformation within and without for yourself. We will explore different topics from: confidence, empowerment, mindset, beauty, motherhood, leadership, business just to name a few along with ways to take action in your life to create the transformation you desire.

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All my best advice about inner & outer beauty.



Explore the connection between mind, body & soul.



From making money online to personal branding.


How You Can Work With Me

A Luxury Business Mentor and Soul Activator, I help high achieving entrepreneurs claim their power for greater impact.

Luxury Business Mentor

As a Certified Master Strategy & Business Coach, I support the women who want it all take inspired action for true transformation, within and without.

I support you in building your business(es) online utilizing marketing strategies, leveraging social media to help grow your online presence and in turn your bottom line.

I am confident I can support you on creating the life and business((es)) you desire.

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Soul Activator

As a Scientist of Humanity, I'm here to offer a revolutionary 3 prong approach designed specifically for you. With my expertise in Molecular Genetics & Medical Technology as well as Human Design, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique combined with NLP -- this perfect blend will empower your mind/body/soul combination past fear into ultimate power!

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Brand Builder

As a leader in a naturally based, vegan beauty & wellness company, I help you find solutions to your hair, skin, and health concerns. I specialize in teaching you how to best care of yourself, transforming your mind, body, and skin, to help you gain confidence from the inside out.

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What people are saying...

Chaitali has been such a blessing to me. I've invested in many coaches over the years, each one helping in different ways.

But Chaitali found a way to unlock things that nobody else was able to do for me. I have long struggled with blending my work, home and different aspects of my life. She was able to really unlock why I felt that way and explain it in such a way that it just finally clicked. It was a huge moment for me and my business.

She also coached me through several rough spots in my life where I wanted to just give up and she showed such compassion and gave me workable solutions to be able to still move the

needle forward yet giving myself the time needed for personal healing. She really knows how to find that balance of where you are and where you want to be and give you a roadmap to got there! I'm forever grateful for my time with her and hope to be able to work with her again

Cheryle Bougie

Women's Empowerment Coach