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Vision: Introduction to YOU 

There comes a time when we can no longer ignore the call, the whispers that say “this isn’t it,” “there must be more”......

A time when we can no longer stand our own bullshit!

And try as we will, the call does not subside. It goes from

a small feeling, to a whisper, which when left ignored

becomes a loud scream on repeat “This is NOT it, stop

lying to yourself!”

The thing is, this is all we know, so to change feels

overwhelming. What will we do? How? What direction

do I go if not the one I’ve always been on?

Do you feel this? Does it resonate?

You know that there’s more to your life, more to you

but it’s confusing. And you just don’t know where to turn.

Until now......

Take the Journey and

Empower Yourself

This is a zone of excellence for me, helping you recreate your reality by unlearning all of the bullshit you’ve come to think of as truth. To start living from your authentic self.

I do this by using your Human Design as the foundation along with many other modalities ((read my banner for more information)) so that YOU can live your own truth, now in practical tactical ways.

Learning how you were designed to live, to function, to thrive in this world is one of the most beautiful and empowering gifts you will ever give yourself or receive. Believe me, I speak from personal experience here.

If you are ready to learn more about YOU, then comment “Vision” below or send me a DM.

Because there is a whole version of you, the you you were meant to be, just waiting to be seen and to be accepted, to be allowed the space to BE.

Remember, it’s time to rise. Let’s go

Unlock The Power of YOU

The power of Human Design lies in its ability to help you unlock the true potential of who you are. By taking the journey with me through a Human Design reading, you will be empowered with the knowledge of your true self and how you should be living and leading in alignment with it. You will have the tools necessary to create the life and career of your dreams.

Create a Life of Success and Fulfillment

With the knowledge gained from a Human Design reading, you can create a life of success and fulfillment. You will have the insights necessary to discover the career paths that are right for you and how to best use those paths to unlock your true potential. With my guidance, you can take the steps necessary to create the life you have always wanted and live it in alignment with your true self.

Book a complimentary power session where I get to know more about you and we can discuss your desires and the vision that you have for yourself and what impact you want to make.


Human Design. The Science of Differentiation

Have you ever wanted to unlock the secrets of your genetic nature? With Human Design, it is entirely possible! The unique BodyGraph chart defines how energy flows within us and provides valuable insight into achieving our highest potential. Imagine discovering new ways to maximize what life has in store - no more wasted time or effort on things that don't truly bring out your best self. Unlocking this powerful knowledge is only a click away with Jovian Archive's amazing tool!

Ra Uru Hu traveled 25 years, testing and verifying this paradigm-shifting science in the real world. Impressed by its accuracy, even scientific experts dedicated themselves to confirming it true - a journey that continues today as you too explore these revolutionary insights into life!

With the power of Western Astrology, Chakras, Quantum Physics and ancient eastern wisdom from Kabbalah and I Ching amassed into one powerful finding - Human Design has been discovered. Through this amazing synthesis comes a deeper understanding of ourselves; enabling us to experiment with our own designs as Ra Uru Hu's students have done since the 1980s. They continue inspiring others around the world so we can uncover more secrets about human nature through living your truth based on your design!


Human Design is based on Neutrinos. Neutrinos are particles with a mass almost equivalent to zero, making them highly unique and fast-moving. Three trillion neutrinos pass through the planet per second. Ra Uru Hu defined the science of neutrinos as the foundation behind the Human Design System and how energy passes through our bodies, influencing our interactions throughout life.

Are you ready to unlock the potential within?

Through Human Design, discover how your unique gifts can help propel you forward.

No more guessing or struggling through - with a VISION power session tailored specifically for YOU and unlocking what lies within, it's time to embark on an exploration of self-discovery!

Book a Complimentary Discovery Power Session with Me & make tomorrow yours!


What people are saying....

"Having Chaitali do my human design reading was eye-opening and it was spot on! Not only interesting to learn elements of why I do what I do, but also I was given specific to me actionable practices that would fit my special design. Chaitali is always soothing and full of good energy, she approached my reading with knowledge and insight. Dove deep and opened some new things up for me, now I only need to practice what she suggested going forward!"

Anna Barefiled

CEO & Founder Indigo Wing Productions