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Are you ready to become more magnetic, in flow, create with ease, all while increasing your income?

It's time to explore the magic of Human Design

Creating a Life of Success and Fulfillment is as far fetched

it may feel.

You were created with a purpose, and are designed to fulfil your potential. You already have it all inside of you, it's simply a matter

of unlocking your full potential.

Leveraging your Human Design is the key you've been searching for, and you may not have even known it.

It's the key to help you move in the world, to dance with life, and own your personal power! To make power moves that make little to no sense

to the world, and at the same time to YOU it just feels right.

How can Human Design help you?

Learning how you were designed to live, to move, to thrive in this world is one of the most beautiful and empowering gifts you will ever give yourself or receive. Believe me, I speak from personal experience here.

Understanding YOUR Human Design is the key to understanding the How to be, to have, to move in this life. It shows you how to your energy works and is meant to be used, the strategies that you can use to move into alignment and flow, to be of greater impact while increasing your income.

There is a whole version of you, the you you were meant to be, just waiting to be seen and to be accepted, to be allowed the space to BE.

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Ready to Unlock The Power of YOU?

Book a Vision Foundational Human Design Reading with Chaitali B. Desai, a Certified Expert in Human Design.

Your Vision session includes:

In Depth reading of your Type/Strategy & Authority

Analysis of your 9 Centers

Profile & Definition to unlock your strengths and where you may experience the most resistance/conditioning

Introduction to your Incarnation Cross to illuminate your soul's mission

Downloadable PDF summary of your chart

7 Day Email Support

Are you ready to unlock the potential within?

Why Choose Us

Certified Specialist

Chaitali B. Desai is a Multi-Certified

5/2 Sacral MG

Exceptional Service

We are committed to exceptional service. We hold the utmost amount of integrity in our work, our mentorship, and hold a high standard for all of our offerings.

Globabl Access

We utilize Zoom for our sessions, so you can join from the comfort of your home or favorite cafe. Our magic knows no bounds.

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*Please note, you will receive a confirmation email and then a booking link once payment has been made

Need more clarity?

Through Human Design, discover how your unique gifts can help propel you forward.

No more guessing or struggling through - with a VISION power session tailored specifically for YOU and unlocking what lies within, it's time to embark on an exploration of self-discovery!

If you have additional questions or are looking for 1:1 Mentorship, book a Complimentary Clarity.

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About Me

I'm Chaitali, a 5/2 Sacral Manifesting Generator multi-passionate business mentor and entrepreneur.

I empower female entrepreneurs and high achievers to break through limitations while increasing their net worth.

My mission is to assist female entrepreneurs and high achievers in amplifying their voice, igniting their fire, and breaking through societal conditioning to become unapologetically empowered to BE the CEO of their business and life.

Offering secure online Mentorship via Zoom or Google Meet around the world.

What people are saying....

"Having Chaitali do my human design reading was eye-opening and it was spot on! Not only interesting to learn elements of why I do what I do, but also I was given specific to me actionable practices that would fit my special design. Chaitali is always soothing and full of good energy, she approached my reading with knowledge and insight. Dove deep and opened some new things up for me, now I only need to practice what she suggested going forward!"

Anna Barefiled

CEO & Founder Indigo Wing Productions